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Sinterit is the company based in Kraków (Poland) that specializes in development of SLS 3d printers. It has been found in 2014. Sinterit’s mission is to build professional and affordable 3d printer in SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) technology. SLS technology is the next step in 3d printing: it makes possible to print objects that are difficult or impossible to be printed in FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technique – the most popular technology in 3d printing market. Currently Sinterit ships Lisa all over the world.

Press Releases

 11 October 2017

AR technology in glasses from SLS 3D printer

The combination of virtual 3D reality and non-virtual reality is the result of collaboration of Sinterit and Professor Rigo Herold – a German researcher working on developing AR technology as well as on the design of data glasses.

 13 September 2017

The most available SLS printer on the market – Sinterit reduces the price of Lisa printer

The solutions developed by Sinterit experts in the last three years made it possible to significantly reduce the price of Lisa printer and to offer a complete SLS solution for top-quality prints.

 31 July 2017

Sinterit’s 3D-printing – a new hope for children with SMA

Sinterit, the world’s first producer of desktop SLS 3D printer, together with 3D designer created an exoskeleton arm – a solution that gives children with SMA possibility to move hands, draw, play and express themselves.

 31 May 2017

Autodesk Netfabb and Sinterit make SLS 3D printing easier than ever

Autodesk Netfabb industrial additive software has added support for Sinterit Lisa, an affordable selective laser sintering (SLS) printer. With a new sieve and automated operation, SLS quality printing has become easier than ever.

 30 May 2017

With the new sieve, Sinterit introduces the first end-to-end SLS desktop system

Sinterit, the manufacturer of desktop laser sintering 3D printers, now offers a sieve that cleans the powder and facilitates multiple uses of the material. Together with Lisa printer and sandblaster, Sinterit has created the most accessible and easy to use SLS end-to-end solution on the market.

31 January 2017

Sinterit raises over €1 million from FIT AG

Sinterit, the manufacturer of desktop laser sintering systems based in Krakow, Poland, announces that it has secured additional funding to the amount of EUR 1.1m by way of a rights issue. Sole underwriter was German additive manufacturer FIT AG, based in Lupburg near Munich. Terms of the funding were not disclosed, but Sinterit remains independent and FIT AG has not taken a seat on Sinterit’s board.

Logos & Photos download

Sinterit and Sinterit Lisa logo – in *.png and *.eps file format

High-resolution photos of Sinterit Lisa in RGB / CMYK color model

High-resolution photos of models printed on Sinterit Lisa in RGB / CMYK color model

Photos of Sinterit team