Lisa X from Sinterit –  fast compact SLS 3D printer

Sinterit reveals Lisa X – the 3rd generation compact SLS 3D printer. It is the fastest compact SLS 3D printer in Sinterit’s offer made for agility and productivity.

After more than five years of producing reliable compact SLS 3D printers Sinterit is ready to present the most efficient, fast and large solution. While it is still compact, the sintering speed is industrial grade. Printing time is even ten times faster than with Lisa PRO.

Despite the pandemic, we are growing rapidly. After more than five years on the market, and getting countless customer feedback, for the first time we have launched two major products in one year. In September we entered the industrial market with NILS 480, and now we are presenting Lisa X. Third generation of compact SLS 3D printer made to speed up your innovation – says Maxime Polesello, SInterit’s CEO. – We are still focused on delivering the whole SLS 3D printing solution, to make additive manufacturing useful and meaningful. With Lisa X this experience will be even better – faster prints and bigger print volume answers the most common demands of the market – he adds.

How fast is Lisa X?

With a build speed of 10-14 mm/h for PA12 material Lisa X is the fastest compact SLS 3D printer in Sinterits offer. The full print bed could be printed in 30 hours, while most prints could be ready in less than 24 hours. The “next day prototyping” usability was one of the milestones that compact SLS 3D printers manufacturers needed to achieve to meet the expectations of the users of other rapid prototyping technologies like FDM or SLA. Now, with high-speed Lisa X they could get more printed elements per week, more tested designs. It means less time spent on waiting for the results and more time for improving the designs itself. It also accelerates time-to-market of new products and decreases prototyping costs.

How big is Lisa X?

The usable area, which is also the build size has 130 x 170 x 330 [mm] (5.1 x 7.1 x 13.0 [in]).

Let’s take a look at one of the mass printing examples – electric connectors. Previously, with Lisa you could print 56 sets in 103 hours, on Lisa PRO – 112 sets in 205 hours, while Lisa X gives you the possibility to print as much as 270 sets in just 28 hours.

What about prototyping bigger parts? This model of an engine has 138 x 123 x 74 mm. As there was not enough space to print it with Lisa, Lisa PRO has the possibility to print one part in about 69,9 hours. With Lisa X you could print two interactions in just 21,5 hours.

Optimal printing time

Bigger volume and faster printing time results in optimal printing costs. As more prints and tests could be done in just one run, the less powder and energy is used. Materials are easy to change and cleaning the printer doesn’t force you to wait for the printer to be used. Sinterit is also known for having the best powder refresh ratio on the market, which means that you don’t have to add a lot of fresh powder to make new prints. Just reuse the powder that wasn’t sintered during printing. It is economical, and ecological at once.

Lisa X is also equipped with the special airblade which enables more efficient preparation for printing. Instead of cleaning laser glass each time before printing, the airblade cleans it automatically during printing. It only means the user needs to clean the laser glass after 3 print cycles, not after each one.

With Lisa X you get everything that was previously available in Sinterit’s offer. Starting from legendary printout quality: ultra high precision, sharp edges, and repeatable dimensions. SLS benefits, such as no need of supporting structures, smooth surfaces and ability to print movable parts are still on the table. Sinterit was always known for providing an open environment, the must have for educational and research applications. You could modify 32 parameters within sections like: printing temperature, warmup and cooldown, laser power, laser movement or model scale.

All of our compact SLS 3D printers are in production, as they cover different needs – says Michal Grzymala-Moszczynski, head of R&D and co-founder of Sinterit. – Lisa, our first model is the most compact and most affordable SLS 3D printer, Lisa PRO guarantees a wide range of materials and an open environment. Lisa X adds fast printing time and large working area – he adds.