Take control of your 3D printing with Sinterit Studio Advanced

Knowing the abilities of additive manufacturing and using it for your projects can take you places. But using the full possibilities of advanced SLS 3D printing software can be a game changer. Learn how to use Sinterit Studio advanced with Lisa X.  

Sinterit Studio is a dedicated software developed by Sinterit to organize the whole SLS 3D printing process. Over ten years of improvement made it one of the most technologically sophisticated solutions used by SLS 3D printing professionals.  As it is dedicated to SLS 3D printing, it is far more than a slicer.

SLS 3D printing users choose this technology for different reasons, like the lack of supporting structures, anisotropic mechanical properties of SLS 3D printed parts, freedom of design, the possibility of printing strong, sharp but also lightweight parts. These are just the few benefits. To make it happen you need software that will help you prepare and guide you through the whole 3D printing process.

Now, with development of Lisa X and making it industry 4.0 ready, Sinterit Studio is more powerful than ever.

What’s new in Sinterit Studio

The newest update of Sinterit Studio makes it faster than ever to prepare your print job. As you can manage the printer directly from Sinterit Studio, it makes it a way easier for all professionals.

Another benefit is the ability to control the whole 3D printing process remotely. The UX is so friendly that you can easily copy all settings of your printouts using well known keyboard shortcuts such as control+c and control+v.

Stocking and setting printouts is faster thanks to the mirroring function and if you encounter any problems along the way, you can benefit from the remote support.

Should I extend my Sinterit Studio to the Advanced version?

There are several reasons to extend your Sinterit Studio and make it more powerful. First of all, an Advanced version gives you access to all material profiles available for the selected printer, while the basic version offers only two most common materials.

Sometimes you will need to improve printouts just by changing the settings. Sinterit Studio Advanced makes it possible.

Sinterit is also known for letting you use 3rd party materials. It is a unique offer on the market but also commonly used, especially at universities or by various research and development teams.

What else can be done with Sinterit Studio Advanced?

The extended version of Sinterit’s software makes it possible to modify laser power. It could make the properties of your printouts meet your goals, especially when you use 3rd party materials. You can also make some laser movement and geometry modifications.

As typically warmup and cooldown processes are automatically set, with an advanced software you can modify them.

Expert mode in Lisa X

We asked our clients what their expectations of software dedicated to SLS 3D printing were. Making it even easier and faster was the most frequent answer. This is why we also prepare the Expert Mode, a feature available for Sinterit Studio Advanced users. It makes time saving even more significant and allows you to launch printing from scratch in just 7 minutes.

To get more information on Sinterit Studio Advanced and Expert Mode, contact your local reseller.