Replacement of the recoter

  1. Turn on the printer and wait until the main menu is loaded.
  2. Unlock the printer’s Lid: press UNLOCK LID//OVERFLOW BIN button on the screen. Remember, you only have 10 seconds to open it before the lock activates again. Softly press and then open the Lid.
  3. Turn off the printer.
  4. Clean the Print chamber if needed.
  5. Unscrew both screws on the Recoater cover and take off it.
  6. Freely move the Recoater to the Feed Bed side.
  7. Unscrew the screws on the Recoater cord mounting plate with spring (Overflow Bin side).
  8. Freely move the Recoater to the Overflow Bin side.
  9. Unscrew the screws on the other side of the cord (Feed Bed side).
  10. Place the Recoater in the space between the Beds.
  11. Remove the Recoater cord from both sockets.
  12. Take the cords off the Recoater bearing system.
  13. Take the left ending of the cord and gently reeve, first the mounting plate, then the ending, through the gap between the rotary shaft and Recoater housing to the right side.
  14. Use a clean cloth to wipe the Recoater rotary shaft. Rotate the roll during the cleaning.
  15. Take the new Recoater cord.
  16. Put the new cord through the Recoater slide shaft and then onto the Recoater bearing system. It should go under the black bearings and over the roll bar.
  17. Check if anything is blocking the slide of the cord.
  18. First, mount the end of the cord with the spring on it.
  19. Slide the Recoater to the Feed Bed side.
  20. Mount the cord starting from the side of the Overflow Bin gap. Be sure that the spring is fitted into the hole behind the plate.
  21. Screw and tighten up the screws.
  22. Pull the cord to tense the spring.
  23. Slide the Recoater to the Overflow Bin side.
  24. Mount the cord using screws on the opposite side.
  25. Move the Recoater and check if the rotary shaft is rolling properly.
  26. Assemble the Recoater cover and screw both screws on the Recoater cover.
  27. Turn the printer (use Ignition key).
  28. On the touchscreen press CONTROL PANEL//MOTORS//HOME ALL AXES.
  29. Check if Recoater moving without any disturbance. Properly installed cord is moving slightly right and left on the bearing system.