Recoater strip installation

  1. Remove the Recoater strip from its packaging. Check that it is not damaged.
  2. Slide the Recoater strip into the gap between the knurled roller and the Driver slider (fig. 1 & 2). Don’t bend the strip too much – it might break!
  1. Mount the end of the Recoater strip under the angle bracket (fig. 3).
  1. While holding the Recoater strip, position the Recoater in the middle, between the beds (fig. 4). Use one of the available ways:
    • a. press POSITION RECOATER (option available during the Onboarding process);
    • b. go to the MAINTENANCE menu → CONTROL PANEL tab and control with the steerings arrows.
  1. Similarly, position the second end of the Recoater strip to the angle bracket.
  2. Using a 2.5 mm allen key, pre-screw the Recoater strip onto the angles (fig. 5).
  1. Check that the Recoater strip does not bend and tighten the screws to the end.
  2. Using the steering arrows check that the Recoater moves smoothly along the Recoater strip.