Replacement of laser protective glass

  1. Choose UNTurn on the printer and wait until the main menu is loaded.
  2. Unlock the printer’s Lid: press UNLOCK LID//OVERFLOW BIN button on the screen. Remember, you only have 10 seconds to open it before the lock activates again. Softly press and then open the Lid.
  3. We recommend turning off the power of the device for cleaning/replacing the Laser Protective Glass. (turn off the Ignition key).
  4. While holding the Heating module, take out the Split pin positioned on the top of the inner part of the Lid.
  5. Lower the Heating module to get access to the Laser Protective Glass.
    • a. Holding the Laser Protective Glass module, unscrew two Quick release nuts on top of the Lid.
    • b. Remove the module from the locking holders located in the middle of the Lid.
    • c. Remove the new Laser Protective Glass module from the box.
  6. Put the Laser Protective Glass (or new Laser Protective Glass) on a stable and clean surface.
  7. Rub the surface of the glass carefully with an Alcohol pad or cotton cloth soaked with 2% salicylic spirit (ethanol solution) or any other ethanol-based solution. Do not use isopropyl alcohol! Pay attention to any fibres left on the surface. Clean both sides.
  8. We also recommended cleaning the metal frame of the module.
  9. Remember to wipe the Laser Protective Glass with a dry piece of cloth afterwards.
  10. Mount the Laser Protective Glass. Slide the metal tabs of the Laser Protective Glass module into the holders located in the middle of the Lid. Press the gasket gently.
  11. After obtaining the perfect fit, screw the two Quick release nuts on to the visible screws.
  12. Clean the Laser Protective Glass one more time from any finger marks or stains if present.
  13. Join and close the Heating module with the Lid using the metal Split pin.
  14. Now turn on the printer one more time.