Cleaning the powder feeding screw

  1. Start working only with the vacuum cleaner switched off.
  2. Open the door of the Sifting module and tapping the flexible tube of the sieve so that the powder from the walls falls on the Vibrating Sieve.
  3. Operate only when the power is off! Also, switch on the E-STOP button on the Control Panel to cut off power from the internal components of the machine.
  4. Remove both grids from the Chambers. Pull out first the grid of the Powder Chamber and then, by lifting in the dedicated place, the grid from the Fine Dust Chamber.
  5. Using an Allen key 5 mm, unscrew the four screws of the Powder Feeding Screw guard in the Powder Chamber and put it aside.
  6. Use an Allen key to unscrew the one screw of the Powder Feeding Screw guard in the Fine Dust Chamber and put it aside.
  7. Remove the Antistatic hose from the connector for the Antistatic hose in PHS.
  8. Connect a PVC brush to the pulled end of the Antistatic hose.
  9. Check that the grounding of your ATEX Vacuum Cleaner is properly installed.
  10. Turn on the vacuum cleaner and clean the Powder Feeding Screw and both chambers inside. Treat the contents of the vacuum cleaner as waste for disposal.
  11. After the work is finished, install the Powder Feeding guards back in the Chambers.
  12. Re-install both grids on the Chambers.
  13. Connect the Antistatic hose back to the connector for the Antistatic hose in the PHS.
  14. Reconnect the power supply to the PHS.