Replacement of Infrared bulb – Lisa X

  1. Turn on the printer and wait until the main menu is loaded.
  2. Unlock the printer’s Lid: press UNLOCK LID//OVERFLOW BIN button on the screen. Remember, you only have 10 seconds to open it before the lock activates again. Softly press and then open the Lid.
  3. Turn off the printer for replacing the Halogens.
  4. Put on the Protective Gloves.
  5. Use a clean cloth or paper towel while replacing the Halogens. Do not touch the heaters with your bare hands!
  6. Make sure the Halogens are not hot. Carry the operation out when the machine is cold and switched off.
  7. Gently grab the Halogens with your fingers and remove it parallel to its slots. Do not twist it in any direction, it may cause damage to the heater’s slots!
  8. Insert the new Halogens to the slot.