Additive Manufacturing in Czech Republic and Slovakia

Slovakia and Czech Republic have the biggest car production per capita in the world. Strong technological capabilities and well grounded tech universities results in a need for professional and reliable additive manufacturing devices. But to get one, you need a dependable, skilled vendor who knows the technology and could guide new 3D printers owners to achieve better results. It is the story of Adatex with its brand

Additive Manufacturing in Czech Republic and Slovakia

Additive manufacturing, including 3D printing, has been on the rise in both Czech Republic and Slovakia. Several research institutions, universities, and companies have been involved in additive manufacturing projects. This technology has applications in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, and healthcare. 

Established in Slovakia,  is a company with over eight years of experience in selling 3D printing devices. Starting from FDM machines the company developed into a biggest 3D printing and scanning center on the slovakian market. Few years ago, Adam Gorny, founder and CEO of saw the potential of SLS 3D printing technology and became the official distributor of Sinterit.

Why do Czech Republic and Slovakia clients choose SLS 3D printing?

For Adatex, SLS technology is the solution to the growing customer requirements in terms of quality, durability and flexibility in the use of 3D printing technology. Adam, speaking with his clients, received a lot of inquiries about 3D printers that could produce parts with strong mechanical properties. Since a lot of companies, and also universities are focused on the automotive industry, it was a must have. 

Starting in 2018, Adatex and its Czech partner CADMIA 3D became an expert in SLS 3D printing technology. Client’s from the Czech Republic and Slovakia choose Sinterit’s SLS 3D printers due to a number of factors and benefits such as an open system which makes it a professional tool that can be adopted to different needs. A large number of materials available in Sinterit offer are also the decision drivers for many of them. 

Another reason why clients choose printers such as Lisa X is its affordable maintenance. The spare parts are cheap and easy to change. The Sinterit production plant in Krakow, southern Poland is located less than 500 km from main industry zones in both Czech Republic and Slovakia, which is also one of the reasons to choose Sinterit’s Solution.  

Adatex has a great reputation across Czech Republic and Slovakian markets built over years of solid customer support, not leaving their problems unsolved.