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with one printer for different materials. 
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with almost 10x faster printer (compared to standard compact SLS). 
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thanks to the end-to-end post processing environment. 
Reduce time to market
The Lisa X’s printing and cooling time is up to 40% shorter than any other sls compact printer on the market

Why SLS technology

No support structure

In SLS technology, the unsintered powder acts as a natural support. As you don’t have to print any supports, you gain more design freedom.

Complex internal geometry

With SLS, you can achieve more complexity and even design complicated inner goemotries. All you need to do is get rid of spare, unisintered powder after the printing

Dimensional accuracy

If you possition models according to SLS 3D printing positioning rules, you will get above average dimensional accuracy. With minimum layer thickness of 75 µm, Sinterit’s SLS 3D printers offers excellent deteiled printouts.

Easy post-processing

All you need to do, after SLS 3D printing is getting rid of spare, unisintered powder. You also reduce waste and printing costs by reusing this powder over and over again.

Moving parts

Extraordinary thin layers accompanied with the technology that doesn’t reqire supports results in easy to eachieve moving parts.

Elastic models

As SLS technology is omainly assosietad with rigid materials, such as PA12 or PA11, in Sinterit’s portfolio you can find a diverse powders base. Try TPU series of powders for applications where the flexibility is crucial.

Detailed objects

Isotropic properties of SLS prointouts results in stronger, more dense printouts. Adding a precise laser and very low layers, you get durable and detailed prints.

Easy to use

Sinterit’s printers are known for their easy and intuituve UX. On the other hand, the open printing system adds a lot of flexibility to your work.

Learn how your sample may cost. 

Send your model to us and our experts will provide a detailed prediction of costs for several scenarios. 


Print more, earn faster 

480 sets
960 parts
30 in 28 hrs
1 part per 2 min
1 set per 4 min
Model: Connector
Dimensions: 22.5 x 18 x 37 mm
Material: PA 12 Smooth
270 sets
540 parts
28 in 28 hrs
1 part per 3 min
1 set per 6 min
Model: Connector
Dimensions: 22.5 x 18 x 37 mm
Material: PA 12 Smooth

Sample print prices

Full bed
Printing Costs

Sinterit’s industrial series

Sinterit Nils 3D printer

A new industrial SLS 3D printer with the best ROI on the SLS technology market.

Priced individually

Sinterit’s compact series

Print batches of top quality SLS parts faster. Larger print volume and revolutionary fast rapid prototyping.

The SLS 3D printer for top-quality functional prototypes, research work, and to speed up the product engineering process.

Get your solution

Lisa X

Top performance & build volume in an open, multi-material printer. It offers large build volume and industrial speed & quality


Supporting device designed for dustless work with 3D printouts post-processing and powder recovery

Sandblaster SLS

Universal cabinet solution for the surface treatment and depowdering process by glass balls blasting of 3D printed parts

Sinterit Studio Advanced
Dedicated Powder Tools

ATEX Vacuum cleaner

Universal cabinet solution for the surface treatment and depowdering process by glass balls blasting of 3D printed

Compatible materials

Standard Prototyping
Performance & Special Applications

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    Reusing the powder in a simple and cost-efficient way.

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    Service providers put a great deal of stock in their printer’s cost per part metric, often treating it as their main factor behind their choice of printer. This is why we list example costs and ROI for each of our printers.

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