Clean of laser protective glass

To clean the laser protective glass, ensure that you are holding the heating module by one hand. Then pull out the clasp placed on the top of the inner part of the lid. By lowering the heating module, you will get access to the laser protective glass socket.
To open the laser protective glass socket, you need to unscrew the wings on the right side of it. While doing this, remember to hold the metal frame and then gently draw out the socket. Now you can take the glass out of the frame, put it on a stable and clean surface and start cleaning
To clean the laser protective glass, rub its surface carefully with a cotton cloth soaked with alcohol (pay attention to any fibers left on the surface) and clean both sides of the glass.
After the cleaning, put the glass back into the metal frame. To assemble the laser glass protective socket, slide the tabs into the holes on the left side of the heating module. Press the module gently to the lid and then screw the wings on the right side.