Dedicated Powder Tools

No mess, no waste

New powder tools cover the entire printing process

Less waste

We’ve designed our new powder tools to keep the powder where it should be, and nowhere else
Helps you save powder. Like having a “cartridge” experience but with all the benefits and elasticity of independent powder management

Cleaner workspace

It’s never been so easy to recover all of your powder, free of dust and dirt
A dedicated, foldable workspace makes it effortless: easy to clean, easy to store, and super easy to use.

Better workflow

Powder tools work hand-in-hand with The Sinterit SLS 3D printing ecosystem
Helps you work smarter and faster. Just take your powder bucket, attach the powder funnel to it and put the powder in the printer. After printing and post-processing, clean the workspace using the ATEX vacuum cleaner and put the remaining powder back in the same powder bucket

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How to optimize 3D printing costs through powder management
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Dedicated Powder Tools

Trunk bag, Cleaning wipes, Silicone oil 50ml, Cotton cloth, Protective Glasses, Protective Dust Mask, Protective Gloves. T-shirt. Scrapers. Scoop. Brush 40 mm, Measuring cup, Paper tube, Large brushes, Small brushes, Stainless steel probe, Metal spatula, Metal strainer, Binder
Dedicated powder Tools

Powder funnel

Simple is often best. We have tested countless powder-in systems, and we are convinced Sinterit’s Powder Funnel will give you the best results and versatility. It allows you to fill the printer without spraying powder in the air. We’re also thrilled to announce that Powder Funnel is compatible with both Sinterit’s new powder container, Sinterit Sieve, and Powder Separator in the ATEX Vacuum Cleaner.


Sinterit Trowel isn’t a new device, but we’ve redesigned it to fit the whole feed bed. Done in just one move, the tamping process is now faster. It also ensures uniform pressure distribution and proper powder density

Trowel & IO Box

The IO box was initially designed to take out ready printouts. Now it has one more function: When you turn one of the parts upside down, it can be used as a guide for putting powder in the printer. Fitting the bed perfectly, it secures the pyrometers and mechanical elements, allowing the powder to fall only into the feed bed – and nowhere else.

Foldable Tray

Foldable and light, the tray is easy to store. When unfolded, it creates an optimal workspace for initial post-processing. Most SLS 3D printing users don’t have dedicated, portable working space for “dirty work” that is easy to bend and then clean. The foldable Tray is a perfect solution. It’s easy to vacuum or pour powder out of and into a bucket. PLEASE NOTE – Foldable tray is sell separaterly

Supply Kit

The attached service kit with all maintenance parts will keep your printer working for 400 hours. The spare recoater cords, silicone oil, set of clean wipes, cotton cloths, and spare heater supplies will have you prepared for any and all standard maintenance jobs.

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    Walter Pucheanu
    R&D Technician
    Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering (CBI) / University of Erlangen–Nuremberg

    The print quality of the Lisa PRO is impressive.

    Sean Higgins
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    In order to keep up with our production demand, we have been operating the Lisa PRO almost 7 days a week for the past couple of months, without incident, and produced over 1500 sleeves.

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