Packing – Lisa PRO


  1. Turn on the printer and wait until the main manu is loaded.
  2. Unlock the printer’s Lid: press UNLOCK LID/OVERFLOW BIN button on the screen. Remember, you only have 10 seconds to open it before the lock activates again. Open the Lid.
  3. Turn off the printer for cleaning.
  4. Clean the printer from the powder (both BEDs and the space around them, OVERFLOW BIN, RECO-ATER).
  5. Open the Heating module and remove the Laser Protective Glass. Put it in the original box (STARTUP BOX). Secure it with tape for transportation.
  6. Put on the original plastic protection cap on the Laser system and mount the Heating module back to the printer’s Lid.
  7. Check that the BEDs are at level with the printer housing ant the RECOATER is located between the BEDs.
  8. Close the printer’s Lid.
  9. Unplug the Power cable and put it in the STARTUP BOX.
  10. Put the Ignition key to the STARTUP BOX.
  11. Close and tape the STARTUP BOX. Place it in the service area under BEDs.
  12. Unplug the Nitrogen hose from the Nitrogen inlet.
  13. Dismantle the Removable Front Panel.
    • Grasp the panel in the middle of its top and bottom edge. Pull the bottom edge firmly while holding to the to edge.
    • Disconnect all four Magnetic fasteners between the panel and the printer front side.
    • Hide the Removable Front Panel in the recess under the Flightcase lid.


  1. While holding the holders in the printer set the device on the bottom of the Flightcase (two people needed).
  2. The stickers on the bottom of the Flightcase will help you to position the printer correctly.
  3. If there are no labels, note the positioning of filler foams, especially the L-shaped foam.


  1. By holding the four handles of the the Flightcase cover, put it on the printer (two people needed).
  2. Match the cover with the bottom of the Flightcase. Look at the colours of the markings on the sides of the cover and the bottom of the Flightcase (blue and red stickers).
  3. Close the the Flightcase with 4 cover locks.
  4. Place the Flightcase on the transport pallet, secure with foil and tape.