Checking the condition of the sieve and removing dirt from it

  1. Start working only with the vacuum cleaner switched off.
  2. Open the door of the Sifting module and tapping the flexible tube of the sieve so that the powder from the walls falls on the Vibrating Sieve.
  3. Remove the sieve locking pin and unfasten the clamping ring.
  4. Lift and attach the sieve Flexible tube with the flange to the magnetic holders of the Sieve flange. Put a clamping ring on the flange so that it does not fall on the sieve.
  5. Release the drawer locks of the sieve and Metal container.
  6. Pull out the Sifting module – both drawers at the same time.
  7. Remove the Antistatic hose from the connector for the Antistatic hose in PHS.
  8. Connect a PVC brush to the pulled end of the Antistatic hose.
  9. Check that the grounding of your ATEX Vacuum.
  10. Cleaner is properly installed.
  11. Turn on the vacuum cleaner and clean the sieve.
  12. When you have finished vacuuming, turn off the vacuum cleaner and remove the PVC brush from the Antistatic hose.
  13. Connect the Antistatic hose back to the connector for the Antistatic hose in the PHS.
  14. Slide the Sifting module back into the device and lock both drawers.
  15. Lower the Flexible tube with the sieve flange and connect with sieve, put on the clamping ring, and lock it with a locking pin.
  16. Close the door of the Sifting module.