Clean of laser protective glass – Lisa X

  1. Choose UNLOCK LID on the printer screen.
  2. Push on the lid and pull it up using the lid handle.
  3. Remove the split pin from the heating module.
  4. Lower the heating module.
  5. Unscrew two quick release nuts.
  6. Take the laser protective glass out.
  7. Delicately wipe the glass on both sides with a cotton cloth soaked in 2% salicylic spirit (ethanol solution) or another ethanol-based cleaning solution. You may also use cleaning wipes provided in Dedicated Powder Tools.
  8. Wipe the glass again on both sides with a dry cotton cloth.
  9. Slide the metal tabs of the laser protective glass into the mounting brackets below the laser module.
  10. Lock the laser protective glass in place by mounting and tightening the two quick release nuts.
  11. Lift the heating module.
  12. Reinsert the heating module safety pin.